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What's Life Without a Few Lemons?!

Updated: May 30, 2022

One week out from moving day and some potentially significant 'hiccups' have occurred. We've mostly taken turns managing them, but it does make one things ever really go according to plan?

In addition to the usual last minute debacles with lenders and lawyers, today part of our new appliance order was the house we do not yet own. A box containing our new refrigerator, left in the door of a muddy open outbuilding. In the rain. A week early. The shipping company texting us a photo of where it was left....*pause for deep cleansing breath*. Fortunately, the home owner is incredibly understanding and it will remain there until we move in next week.

Amongst the crazy, we continue to work feverishly to pack two houses and our own set of outbuildings while still working full-time at our 'day jobs'. The ducks have decided to be escape artists this week. Nothing like an early morning text from a kind neighbour to let you know when they are on the loose! James also went on a rainy adventure today, though his is much more of a mindless wander situation than intentional jail-break. Honest to goodness we just need to make it through the next week!

The silver lining? We have made plans to add these fluffy future livestock guardians to our farm family at the end of June...because a some types of chaos can be a good thing.

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