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Our Vision

FLOWERS + FLEECE will be a functioning lavender, bulb and alpaca farm serving as one of Eastern Ontario’s premier small-scale event venues. The farm will provide boutique farm-stay opportunities and host a variety of seasonal artisan markets and other agritourism events and festivals.

2023 Season

This season (hopefull) brings 5 acres of beautiful sunflowers standing tall for visitors to enjoy. We anticipate opening the farm to the public weekends beginning late August through to October. We will also be hosting a series of special events such as Alpaca Picnics and sunset artisan markets. Approximately 1 acre of lavender plugs will be planted, but will not reach maturity for another 2 years. A small fruit orchard has also been planted and will begin to yeild a variety of fruit and berries in 2-5 years. The Boutique farm-stay will be operational beginning July 2023. We will be offering 1 site, with additional sites being added in coming years. Bookings are managed through Hipcamp. You can find the link on our accommodations page. Alpaca fleece will be sent for processing, but raw fleece is also available for purchse for those interested in spinning or felting their own projects. This fall the kiln will be fired up to bring customers a variety of functional and decorative hand crafted items.

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