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Image by Ghenadie Cebanu

Our Story

Faced with an impending 'empty nest', Chris began exploring ways to incorporate the most meaningful areas of her life into one fulfilling project.  While first joking that alpaca would be the answer to having to cut the grass, she soon envisioned a way to cultivate a life and lifestyle that reflects the things she values most: family, joy, creativity, and peace. Fortunately, Keith shared in both her values and vision (especially one that involves driving a tractor), and offered his support and partnership in the venture. They weren't sure when, or even if, this dream would become a reality, but it was from this small seed of an idea that FLOWERS + FLEECE lovingly grew. 


In 2022, Chris and Keith sold their homes in search of a simple, quiet and fulfilling life and purchased a 130 year-old farmhouse on 37 acres that included a 10 stall horse barn and approximately 5 acres of pond and wildlife. In the years that follow they intend to transform this traditional farm into something uniquely theirs to share with others.

Meet Keith

Tractor at Work

'The Guy with the Know-How'

Keith brings more than 10 years of experience in HVAC and industrial maintenance as a Field Service Engineer. Keith is predominantly responsible for the physical needs of the farm such as building maintenance and monitoring, fencing, and operation and maintenance of large equipment.


An ardent animal lover, Keith also shares in the daily care of the animals with a particular focus on their safety. 


Keith helps to develop and execute farm design plans, organizes and monitors farm-land rental, and supports the execution and striking of special events.

Perhaps most importantly, Keith takes Chris' creative (and sometimes ridiculous) ideas and makes them a reality. 

If there are two things Chris loves most, it's animals and digging in dirt. She's been gardening as long as she can remember, and has never been without animals in her life. She is excited to get 'mucked-in' on the farm wherever possible.

Chris brings to the business almost two decades of experience as a practicing artist, art/marketing consultant, professor, and curator.  The nature of her experience, coupled with volunteerism, has allowed Chris to develop strong ties to local communities. She looks forward to developing opportunities for local artisans and community groups.

In addition to animal care and crop planning/maintenance, Chris will be applying her event management, customer service, and marketing knowledge to develop the company’s marketing strategies, plan events, and eventually operate rental facilities on site. She will also head the retail side of the farm operations which includes the farm shop, product development, and online presence. 

Meet Chris

Painters Palette

'The Gal with the Vision'

Our Cast of Characters


Our furry and feathery family is made up of all sorts of colourful characters, each uniquely loveable, sentient beings. 

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