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Our Farm

First and foremost, we are a family farm. Our animals and plants are grown and cared for out of a deep desire to create and foster a life we don't need to escape from- one of calm and peace. The same care goes into all of our products and selecting our artisan partners.


We aim to share this feeling and  experience with all who visit our farm or purchase our products.


Our Cast of Characters

The first additions to our alpaca family come to us from our friends at Hollyhock Hill Alpaca, located just outside of Kemptville ON. We are elated and grateful to be able to purchase 11 of these beautiful creatures. 


Three of our girls, Marigold, Hannah, and Sari, were bred summer of 2022 in hopes of adding some adorable cria to our herd summer 2023. Thank you to Alpaca Tracks for allowing us to use their handsome gents.

We also added 3 males of our own in November of 2022. Randy, Ringo, and Beau will eventually sire our cria as we grow our herd in coming years.

We are proud to carry a line of quality alpaca products, both from our farm and sourced, including staple items such as socks and mittens to one-of-a-kind hats, scarves, and more. Our Farm Shop will be fully stocked for fall.

There are lots of other creatures on our farm that fill our world with joy. Our small dog, Oscar, is the resident 'duck farmer', who enjoys rounding them up and licking their bills. James and Sam are always happy to frolic in mud and let us know when we have visitors. Unfortunately, Sam is particularly good at making friends with porcupines when he gets the chance. All are happy to greet visitors and may be get a belly rub.


We have two cats on the farm. Mr. Buddy Winters helps to keep the rodent population in check, while Jingles enjoys retirement.


The ducks (led by their matriarch, Laverne) provide comic relief and giant eggs for our farm store. The girls are periodically allowed to hatch their eggs in the summer months to build the flock. 

Our chickens will be providing eggs for sale beginning fall 2023. We will also be adding geese and quail to the farm in the future.


 Violet and Penny joined our farm in 2022. They may not look very threatening right now, but they will grow to be our livestock guardians, helping to keep our birds in particular safe from the foxes and racoons. 

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