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Pumped About Poop & Full Steam Ahead!

Things keep plodding along on the ol' farm. As we look ahead to next spring, our fall to-do list seems to continue growing.

We've been very excited to obtain some glamping tents for next year, and look forward to opening booking for 2023 soon. We are fully stocked in alpaca goods, and continue to create items for our online farm shop such as sun-dried alpaca poop. Drying the poop makes is lighter and easier to ship. As well, it can be made into a fertilizer tea for potted plants, gardens, and yards. We've never been so excited about poop in our lives!

On the growing front, we have seeds for about 5- 7 acres of various wildflower mixes, are awaiting over 500 autumn bulbs, and have secured an acres worth of lavender to be delivered in the spring. Our remaining land will be developed into sunflower fields and additional alpaca paddocks, as well as a few acres left for hay. We are excited to use our land ourselves next year. We have a wonderful tenant farmer, but we want to get our own hands dirty!

We have been carefully cleaning up the hedgerow at the one end of our property that separates our fields from our wetlands. With great care and consideration for the delicacy of this area, we are focusing on pulling out dead brush or fallen trees, removing any poisonous parsnip, and checking for debris such as old fencing that can harm animals and humans alike. We have no intention of attempting to develop this area for anything other than wildlife observation and enjoyment. We saw a beautiful egret in this area for the first time yesterday and enjoy the sight of the blue heron who passes through like clockwork daily. Given that the sun sets over this portion of the property,

it is quickly becoming one of the most endearing features of our farm.

In alpaca news, we have had two delightfully sweet males visiting from another local farm, Alpaca Tracks. We are very hopeful for some cria (baby alpaca) next summer. The boys have spent time with three of our loveliest girls and we are excited for the adventure next summer.

In addition to all of this, one of our ducks, Stella, has decided to hatch some eggs. A bit late in the year, but she would be insufferable if not given the chance. We expect some wee chirps to be heard from their duck house very soon.

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