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Hot Diggity, The Summer is Almost Over!!

My goodness it has been a crazy couple of months since we last posted and boy have things changed! (This may have to be a multi-post account to bring everything up-to-date).

Let's Start with the Move. Chaos. It was a full week of solid moving to get both houses here. Though it was two months ago now, we are still up to our ears in boxes. The priority has been the outside work such as fencing and general clean up to both prepare for animals, and to do as much preparation for next year's planting as possible. Somehow debris from the previous owner seems to multiply. The more we work to clear it, the more we find! Mostly typical farm stuff including enough baler twine to circle the globe. That stuff is everywhere. We are at the point now that we have done so much it is hard to remember what it was like. At the same time, still so much to do before winter. 'Twas ever thus. Nonetheless, our first sunset here let us know we were home.

Then Came Puppies! We were very happy to bring home our girls, Penny and Violet. It was long, hilly, winding, ride. The first 15 minutes of the return trip were absolutely glorious, followed by another 2.5 hours of vomit. So, so, much vomit. The poor little things eventually settled for the final 45 minute stretch. They have been an absolute delight. They are goofy (not-so-little) characters who at less than 6 months of age recently weighed in at almost 35lbs.

Fencing, Fencing, and More Fencing. Being Google farmers (that is to say we have zero experience and rely heavily on the internet to guide us), fencing as been a learning process for sure. We are confident that we will be fencing as long as we are farming. I'm sure this comes as no surprise to those reading who are, what I call, real farmers. Keith has done a bang-up job of getting posts in the ground with the help of his trusty post-hole auger. He's becoming a bit of a online marketplace savant, with the post-hole auger and larger tractor topping the list of successful finds. The ducks and puppies have benefitted from Keith's new-found skill and by mid-July we were finally fenced enough to bring home our herd of alpaca. But that's a story for another day. :)

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