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And Just Like That...It's Almost Spring (sort of)

Looking ahead to this week's forecast (-29), it is hard to imagine spring is just around the corner. If the rest of winter goes at the same break-neck speed as the past seven months, it will be here before we know it. So much to do!

Over the past few months, we've stood in awe of our new snow dams and eavestroughs given the extensive snow fall and fluctuating temperatures we have gotten this winter (younger me would never have thought I would find that exciting), created the base for our tiny green house, and started the renovation of one of our workshops into an art studio. We have a carder to help comb and clean the alpaca fleece, making it more desirable for spinners and easier for us to make our own products like felted barets and scarves. These will eventually be added to our online farm shop. We've added 3 males to our herd, requiring some super fast fencing on Keith's part. We hosted a Christmas Crafternoon in the barn, and discovered some inventive fencing techniques 'on the fly' in order to board 3 more males from our friends at Hollyhock Hill Alpaca (does this mean we are real farmers?).

Our puppies, Violet and Penny, are both HUGE and very sweet. Violet is great at protecting the farm one road over. Though she has yet to get out, she stares and barks at anything she hears from it across the field. I hope they appreciate her devotion! :D

At the beginning of 2022, we thought it would be great if we could get 4 alpaca in our first year and map out some planting. We are seven months in, and have 14 alpaca on our farm with a possible 3 more being born next summer, two puppies (bringing our dog total to 5), and somewhere in there Keith has managed to resist the urge to take in the runt highland cow from the farm down the road (I remain unconvinced that he won't come home with it one day). In the fall, we planted over 800 tulip bulbs, 10 variety of lilies, and 8lbs of garlic. We have enough lavender coming this spring to plant an acre, 5 acres of wildflower seed, and plans for another 5 acres of sunflowers. Keith has a second, larger tractor, and is working on collecting every implement known to man. Our glamping sites are being added to Hipcamp and we have already had interest in bookings for next summer. You can see them as they are added HERE.

We are starting to notice a pattern of things not going as planned, but ultimately, in the best possible ways.

With plans for Alpaca Picnics, and Sunset Sipping, there is no doubt how busy we will be this summer sharing our little slice of heaven with those who are interested.

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